To make the highest ranking hand among all active players.


No-Limit Hold’em is dealt and played like Texas Hold’em.

All players have the right to throw away their hand, call the big blind or raise. The action goes clockwise.

A wager of a single denomination chip without “comment” will be considered to be the full amount of the chip. However, a player acting on a previous wager with a single denomination chip will be considered as calling the wager.

A wager must equal or exceed the minimum wager allowed unless going all-in. A player may wager all of their chips, ex: no-limit.

A player may never lose more chips than they have in active play.

A straddle wager is allowed in a game. The straddle wager will be required to double the big blind. A straddle wager will generally be restricted to only the player seated immediately to the left of the big blind or the player on the dealer button. A straddle wager will have last action on the first round of wagering pre-flop.

If there is a discrepancy between a player’s verbal declaration and the actual amount wagered, the wager shall be corrected to the verbal declaration.

An incorrect call wager must be corrected, whether short or over.

A player who verbally or physically declares “raise” may be allowed to make more than a single move to the pot with chips (re: string raise or bet).

A player who wagers “all-in” will not be required to physically place all their chips into the pot unless called.

If a player incorrectly wagers less than the correct amount and has more chips, the wager must be corrected. Wagers may be required to be in the same denomination of chip (or larger) used for the minimum bring-in, even if smaller chips are used in the blind structure.
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