HOLDEM $29,000 OMAHA $5,000


Aces Full of Kings or better beat (both cards must play)
40% losing hand, 20% winning hand
20% table share, 20% room share*

*Maximum room share $250

Join the fun and have the chance to win big at Seven Mile Casino with our current gambling jackpots. Featuring jackpots in both Texas Hold ‘Em & Omaha Poker, gamblers can win big playing their favorite game.

Check back on this page daily to see updated jackpot amounts, and a constantly updated list of additional poker game jackpots.


Four nines or better beat by four tens or better
40% losing hand, 20% winning hand, 20% table share, 20% room share*

*$200 Max room share

Playing Texas Hold ‘Em or Omaha Poker for the first time and curious how it works? Check out our Texas Hold ‘Em + Omaha Poker Rules & How to Play instructional pages.

The Seven Mile Chula Vista casino is a quick car ride away from practically all of Southern California, providing fun times for both the serious and novice gamblers alike.


1What is a Casino Jackpot?
A jackpot is a fixed prize or incentive for the winner of a particular poker or table game. The jackpot serves as an opportunity to attract a wide array of gamblers.
2Does Seven Mile Offer Jackpots Across Multiple Games?
Presently, we offer jackpots across both Omaha Poker and Texas Hold ‘Em. Check on this page daily for additional jackpots.
3Does the Casino Jackpot Change?
Our jackpots will change depending on the game and time of year. Check back daily to see our updated jackpot amounts!
Hold’em Daily add $1,000 by 12:00PM
Eligible games Texas Hold'em (GEGR 001769)
Omaha $1,000 added every Friday by 12:00PM.
Eligible games Omaha (GEGR 001763) and Omaha high-low split (GEGR 001915).
To receive any part of the payout players must not have any missed blinds.
Management reserves the right to cap the jackpot amount at any time.

Gambling Problem? Call 1-800-Gambler. No Purchase Necessary. GEAR # 000971