Must Stand On
Hard 17 & Above
Must Hit On
Soft 17 & Less
Have Option


Must Stand On
Naturals Soft & Hard 21
Must Hit On
11 & Less
Have Option


21st Century Blackjack is a variation of standard Blackjack. It is a player-banked game with the same strategy as standard Blackjack.

1. The best hand is a “Natural” or 22. A bonus ace and any 10 value card constitutes a “Natural.”
2. Aces have a value:
  • 12 on the first two cards, with all cards of a value of 10.
  • or 11 with all other cards.
  • or 11 with three or more cards.
3. All cards from 2-10 have their face value.
4. All picture cards have a value of 10.
5. The value of each hand is the sum of its cards.
6. Players have two objectives:
  • Form a hand that does not exceed 21 points.
  • Form a hand whose value is greater than the player/dealer’s hand.
7. Each player will receive two cards initially.
8. Players have the option of drawing additional cards.
9. A player may “Bust” and not lose. (See game rules).


A “Natural” is any combination of a bonus ace and a 10 value card on the first two cards.

1. A “Natural” is the best hand. If the player and the player/dealer both have a “Natural” the hand is “Push” (tie).
2. “Naturals” (Blackjacks) pay 6 to 5 or 3 to 2.
3. If the player/dealers up card is a bonus ace, players may take insurance by placing an additional wager up to 1/2 of their original wager. Insurance wagers pay 2 to 1.
4. Players can surrender on their first two cards only after the dealer has checked for Blackjack if their hand does not exceed 20. If a player chooses to surrender, half of their wager will be forfeited and their play for that hand will cease. (Players must indicate that they wish to surrender before the next player acts). Any player betting with seated player is bound by seated player’s decision.
5. Players may split any two cards of the same value originally dealt to them by placing an additional wager equal to the original wager. Players may draw multiple cards per split, except when splitting aces. Only one additional card may be taken on each hand when aces are split.
6. Players may double down on any two cards by placing an additional wager equal to the original wager. Players may double down for less, but must be at least the table minimum. Only one additional card may be taken on a double down hand.
7. Players may “Bust” and still “Push” if their hand is a three card total of 25 and the player/dealer “Busts” with 26.
8. If the player and player/dealer don’t “Bust”, the hand closest to 21 will win.
9. If the player and player/dealer have the same total and do not exceed 21, the hand is a “Push” (or tie).
10. All wagers at $5 minimum tables and larger) must be in $5 increments.
11. Player/dealers may only be the primary banker in one seat per round.
12. Third party proposition players may cover all remaining action that is not covered by the primary player/dealer.
13. Additional house rules are available upon request.
14. Floor person’s decisions are final.
15. Players must play hands next to each other. No “jumping over” other players.


Number of Cards in Dealer's Busted Hand Pays
3 Cards 1:1
4 Cards 3:1
5 Cards 5:1
6 Cards 20:1
7 Cards 100:1
8 or More Cards 250:1


Player's Hand Pays
Suited 777 200:1
Suited 678 100:1
777 50:1
678 30:1
Suited 21 10:1
21 Total 3:1
20 Total 2:1
19 Total 2:1
18 Total or Less Lose
No Bust 21st Century Blackjack is the property of 21st Century Gaming Concepts, Inc. All rights reserved.

Management reserves the right to modify or cancel any promotion at its sole discretion. Must be 21 to play. Play responsibly. For information on problem gambling, call 1-800-Gambler or visit No purchase necessary. GEGA-004512 • 04/2017

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